Google Adwords Scam Callers from Online Technologies

By December 24, 2014General, Online Scams
Online Internet Scams to Watch Out For in Wollongong

A warning to Australian businesses regarding an unscrupulous internet company trying to sell Adwords campaigns to local businesses.

The caller – an Indian sounding lady – said that she represented Google and was trying to work out if we could handle more business if they were to assist us.

Our rep asked why wouldn’t Google be calling us direct if they wanted to help us?

Upon checking where she was calling from, she finally revealed “Online Technologies” based in California (highly doubtful).

Under further heavy questioning it became clear they were simply trying to sell Adwords campaigns to Australian businesses, but under the misleading claim that they were in some way Google providers, not simply handling Google campaigns.

At the moment there is a huge influx of emails and phone calls from overseas (typically India) that are peddling all sorts of rubbish in the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) space.

For your information the phone number she called on was: 0011976000.

It’s interesting when searching this number online, to find the following results:

Scam Watch on Microsoft and Google Adwords 0011976000


Not good, no matter the promise, to be doing business with a company associated with the “Microsoft support centre”, who call up to tell you your computer is infected and they can fix it for $X when you give them your credit card… A call that is often repeated by so many people – especially the elderly who don’t even have a computer…?

Buyer beware.

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