5 Tips for Using Facebook to Get Leads and Increase Sales

By November 2, 2014Online Marketing
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It does not matter what your business is about, you can attract new clients using social media. Granted some industries are more challenging than others, however in general it is a much easier and faster way to get your brand name known as it quickly cuts across borders compared to conventional advertising tools. The conversations do not just boost your website presence but create an avenue to engage and learn from your market as well.

Being an online version of word of mouth, you need to know how to effectively use Facebook to improve your business’s website presence.

The following are a few simple Facebook tips you can introduce straight away:

  1. Keep Your Posts Up to Date and Relevant.

    There is nothing worse that going to a business’s Facebook (or other) page and there hasn’t been an update for months or even a year!

    Are they still in business?  Have they just lost interest in Social Media (likely because they did the wrong thing)?

    Yes, your official Facebook page must be updated reasonably frequently to keep the information fresh and new. Likewise the image cover for your page also needs to be updated in relation to the new activities or events to keep it more exciting. This task can be made easier if you have someone in charge of the Facebook account. They will also be responsible communicating with the visitors and taking care of any enquiries promptly which will help build the company’s name. This could be an internal or external person, however ensure that they are aware of their accountabilities.

    The information content needs to be interesting drawing visitors wanting to know more about the company. This will also increase the chances of having the information shared by the visitors. The posts do not just need to be unique but it needs to be one that is relevant to what your business is about. Focus more on what the visitors want to know and the more helpful they are the more visitors will want to rely on them for information. To do this, you need to know and understand the interests of your clients are and the sort of information they need while they access your business.

  2. Make Use of Links.

    Have your company’s profile briefly and comprehensively detailed below the image and ensure there is a link back to the company’s website. Posting links will  get more people talking about the products or services (hopefully by being interested enough in your post to click on them to go to your website) while getting more likes and comments. This helps get your brand noticed.

  3. Spice Up Your Posts

    A given this one – try not to bore your Facebook audience with same old same old, it’s all about me.  Don’t over update them on how good your products are or on special prices, or company news ad infinitum… Another mistake commonly made is re posting the same product or the same service over and over again which usually gets incredibly irritating and may lose your followers or even get you quite a number of bad comments.

    Facebook should not be all about advertising your company services or products, keep it varied with exciting snapshots, video posts and links, not just same old and you will likely be rewarded with increased visits and likes. You can even add some inspiration or even funny material as long it’s audience appropriate. Keep the posts simple to understand without industry’s jargon and boring details.

  4. Have Special Give Aways or Deals.

    Special offers and deal – when genuine – certainly boost traffic and interest in your brand. But make it easy to do business with you. Excessive T&Cs or short windows of opportunity can backfire on you.

  5. Like Other Bigger Companies.

    Ensure that you’re not competing for clients with yet their customers yet perhaps are still in a bit similar industry. Your valuable activity on their page will definitely get you noticed. This also builds your network and includes your brand in important social conversations.


Whatever you do, you must have a clear strategy for your company’s Facebook page, what will it be all about and what point will be the posts be making. Do not just go into it blindly as you run the risk of lacking something to post in future. Also, no one likes a Facebook page without direction. Contents for the Facebook page can include any announcements you need made about the organization such as upcoming events, offers and so much more.

But most importantly make sure you engage your visitors. Ask feedback, respond to comments good and bad and you’ll have a vibrant page that will definitely get your more leads incoming and best of all, more sales.


About Andrew K

Andrew Kilkenny is director at natiive. He has 20 years of Information Technology experience in eCommerce and Robotic Process Automation systems in the corporate environment and has a passion for helping businesses grow their online web presence. He gets a kick out of helping people maximise their web presences and getting their websites really working for them.