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By May 11, 2016Online Scams
Southern Phones Rubiish or what?

While we don’t like to editorialise, we’ve had well more than enough – this is a joke now – we have an 84 year old neighbour affected for over a month now by these guys – why? He is simply trying to activate a SIM card.

How hard could that be?

I did it recently for my eldest daughter with the company Vaya ( and it took 5 mins online – no chat, no wait.

Southern Phones ( have had a call every day for the past 3 weeks from my neighbour each time he has WAITED 30 mins +++. Live chat by me 3 times the past 2 days each time over a 45 min wait before there was an operator. 3 times either I or my neighbour have been told it would be a max of 48 hours to activate – and, you guessed it nothing…

We know personally if we take too long to do something a customer might complain, we work as hard as we can to ensure we meet our promises.

Why does Southern Phone have no active Social Media presence? That’s alarming. Don’t want criticism? We challenge you to be open!

If you don’t like what we’re saying, please let me know what we should be explaining to our elderly neighbour? He was promised a working phone service… Almost a month ago.

We posted on Social Media earlier this week and overwhelmingly had great support – a couple of people spoke about how unfair it was that we use our position to criticise – but what is the end goal here? An 84 year old is trying to active (his first ever) mobile phone – why? Because he may fall in the garden and need emergency help. What would you say if that happened tomorrow?

So is it our fault, are we too aggressive?

Here’s a link to the most relevant customer reviews of Southern Phones:

Privacy Breach:

News Articles regarding the poor service:

  • Illawarra Mercury (30/17/2017) Southern Phones Overwhelmed by large number of calls. (Despite that article’s assurance it’s still not fixed…)

A special message to Southern Phones – if you wish to sort this – please contact me on our company’s contact details – I’m open to chat.

Note: Southern Phone logo copyright is obviously theirs – I wouldn’t want them making some claim… Maybe they should wait a month for a response…

Note2: We have lodged an issue with the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) totally my neighbour’s decision with no prompting from us.

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